Bored of the recruiter's message template

As a software developer I'm tired of getting recruiter messages in LinkedIn like this:
"Hi , we need software developers in an important company. Give me your phone number and your resume if you're interested".
This message have 0% chance to grab the developer's attention unless he is currently unemployed, a very unlikely case. If you're lazy like me, at least filter the people with job from your spam messages.
What's the recruiter's obsession with phones? Can't you tell me in your email suscintly what you're offering? Developers are very busy people, they don't have the time to have a call and send resumes in the wild. On top of that, developers are frecuently introverted and hate to speak at phone (at least that's my case).
You don't need to speak of money straight in your first mail (but certainly that would grab my attention) , but your message need to have something personalized to grab the people's attention. You can talk about the beautiful view of the hire company's building, or maybe about the company's charity program. For God's sake, you can even send a joke, just don't bother people with the same template again and again.